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There's a big difference between a person with tattoos and a tattooed person. A person with tattoos has tattoos, whether that be one or twenty, but they can still maintain a "regular" or "corporate" appearance to the public. However, a tattooed person is someone who's heavily tattooed and that usually means they've got ink all over the place—even in places you might not expect. As you may know, tattoo collecting is an addiction and once you start, it can be hard to stop. As you accumulate work, you start running out of room on the prime real estate areas—arms, legs, back, etc. And if you wish to continue getting tattooed, this means going for someone of the less common placements on the body.

One of these tattoo locations is the armpit. Armpit tattoos can be pretty tricky, both for the client sitting through it and the artist executing the tattoo. The skin is very stretchy, due to the constant mobility, which can make it tough for an artist to pull a straight line. Additionally, this spot is pretty sensitive—even for tattooed tough guys and gals. But, it's a seriously badass place for a tattoo. Nothing says you can take the pain like an armpit tattoo.

We've curated some of our favorite armpit tattoos from talented tattoo artists around the world in the gallery below. Take a peek at their incredible creations and let us know if you'd get your armpit tattooed (or if you already have yours done) in the comments section on social media.