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Artists have been celebrated for centuries and will continue to be recognized until the end of time. From the earliest cave drawers to the painters of the Renaissance to the avant-garde photographers of today—where would our world be without the spectacular advancements artists?

There are many ways to express yourself through art professionally and now it's easier to make it your full-time career than ever before. For example, you can go the traditional route and become a painter or a sculptor—just like Michelangelo or Da Vinci. Or, you could follow a more modern path and become a celebrated photographer—such as Leibovitz or LaChapelle. And of course, who would we be not to suggest a career in tattooing and inspire you to take after greats like Hurtado, Booth or Massacre?

There are more ways to become a professional artist than ever before and whether your a pro or just an enthusiast, there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your passion through tattooing. We've curated some of our favorite tattoos designed just for artists in the gallery below, so take a peek at tattoos inspired by painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and more. Then let us know your preferred art medium in the comments section on social media.