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Over the weekend, Ashley Benson put the cherry on top of her tattoo collection, literally. The "Pretty Little Liars" actress got a fine line realistic tattoo of a milkshake. 

Ashley Benson's latest tattoo via Instagram. 

Ashley Benson's latest tattoo via Instagram. 

Over the years, Benson has shown an affinity for tiny tattoos. While this milkshake tattoo by Nene is certainly small in the grand scheme of things, it is one of the largest tattoos that Benson has. 

This isn't the first food tattoo that Benson has either. A while back got the fanciest tribute to the popular junk food imaginable—a tattoo from JonBoy that reads "Pommes Frites." 


Last year, we wrote about a tiny little tattoo that Benson got from JonBoy. That piece, which said "squish," was assumed to be a tribute to her partner (at the time) Cara Delevingne. 

On one hand, we'd love to see Benson get some large-scale work. But on the other, we know that tiny tattoos can be just as awesome. It's like Yoda says, "Size matters not."