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Brazilians take their football very, very seriously. So when Atletico Mineiro, one of the oldest clubs in the nation, finally won the title this past weekend things got a little nuts. The celebrations were wild and raucous affairs, the sort of thing fans will remember for the rest of their lives. Although sometimes people do party a little too hard and the memory can be an unreliable thing in such circumstances, so if they want to hold on to the title forever there is really only one thing that will do the trick—a tattoo. 

Yesterday the club brought in more than 30 tattoo artists for a flash event at the MRV Arena. Hundreds of fans lined up to get one of four different designs including a drawing of the arena, the club mascot (a rooster), a drawing of the trophy or the words "The Rooster Won," according to RTE.  

The event was a fantastic way for fans to come together and celebrate the club's first title since 1971. As one 73-year-old fan told RTE, "I have a rooster in my heart, and now I have one on my arm." 

Atletico Mineiro have challenged for the title in previous years, but this year they received an influx of cash that allowed them to secure some premium talent, including former Chelsea start Diego Costa and Brazilian legend Hulk. 

We've yet to find many of the tattoos from yesterday posted online, but there are a ton of Atletico Mineiro tattoos already out there in the world, so we've attached a gallery of those for your enjoyment. The first two are from the flash event, the rest were obtained at a different time. Would you get a tattoo to celebrate your favorite team winning it all? If you have, share it with us on social.