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Fashion Nails & Bellezza is flooding Instagram and Facebook feeds with posts of wild avant-garde nail art, created from taboo subjects and materials. First starting in 2012, this Italian-based Tina Simonacci is changing the beauty game for everyone. While some of this nail art is fascinatingly intricate without offending, like a “Hermes” box complete with a “Hermes” bag inside, others include a woman in labor—complete with umbilical cord and a wet baby.

Whether it’s an egg that gushes when punctured, toilets with poop inside, or locks of hair on each fingertip, @fashionnailsebellezza is the most mesmerizing, enchanting, and uniquely surprising nail-art Instagram account.

Simonacci’s Facebook page says Fashion Nails & Bellezza is an “online magazine that mainly targets women all over the world while providing them with the most contemporary ideas, information, images and tips about the latest trends regarding fashion, architecture & home design, hairstyles, and beauty... Making the life of every woman much easier, better and happier is a goal that we're always willing to reach.”

The page adds, “Whatever aspect of life that might interest ladies to become more stylish, or make their lives better, can be easily found here for the best inspiration ever. Fashion Nails always tries to depict only the best that a woman can find online through carefully selecting what to publish and how to publish it.”