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Baby Yoda has been taking the internet by storm with his cute, old man-baby hybrid, cherub self. Baby Yoda was introduced to the audience in "The Mandalorian," the new streaming series available to fans through Disney+.  Today, fans are excitedly awaiting a drop of Baby Yoda merch to hit stores right in time for the holidays.

Via @spcybois

Via @spcybois

People on the web are going wild over baby Yoda—he's becoming a meme, he's becoming merch and he's most importantly becoming tattoos. That's right, people are getting baby Yoda tattoos and they are really fucking cute. So we compiled a list of some of the best Yoda tattoos to inspire your next nerdy ink. 

Some spoilers—Baby Yoda isn't actually a baby but in fact 50 years old. Then again, when 900 years old you reach, 50 years is just a drop in the bucket. It's already been hinted that Baby Yoda is a key character in the series, and will have a huge impact on the entire Star Wars galaxy, but there's no information on exactly how he will be changing the world. It's even being debated that the baby Yoda the audience has been seeing is actually a clone of grown-up Yoda, but of course, no one will know for sure until the series progresses further. 

Would you get a Baby Yoda tattoo or do you think it's just regrettable hype?