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Many of us have been in quarantine for at least a month at this point, if not more. And for some, they're struggling to cope without non-essential services, such as hair cuts and coloring. One thing that will definitely come out of quarantine for many people is roots and split ends after not going to a hair salon for weeks, maybe months. This week, media company NowThis Politics interviewed a woman protesting the quarantine in Michigan and she showed off her grey roots to the camera. TikTok user @rebabeba took it upon herself to do some investigation, determining that this woman hasn't gotten her hair colored since at least October.

While in most states it's still not possible to get a hair appointment and many of us don't feel confident in our abilities to give ourselves an at home dye job, there is a simple solution. And that's to take the plunge, grab the razor and embrace the beautifully bald look.

Before you call me insane, hear me out. Sure, it's a pretty drastic change, however, there are tons of stunning women who are rocking the shaved head look right now. Heck, many of them are also badass tattooed babes. If you're not convinced, just take a look at some of the most beautiful tattooed women rocking barely any hair in the gallery below, then let us know if you're considering the look for yourself in the comments section on social media.

Emily Boring

Victoria Campbell

Caroline Miner Smith



Jay Lynn

Leigh Raven