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If I've learned anything from working at Inked magazine, it's that people will get tattoos of just about anything. Seriously, ANYTHING. That of course, includes Band-Aids. Band-Aids are something that pretty much everyone in the world uses, unless you have some kind of fast-healing mutant skin. They're also an example of a brand whose name has become synonymous with the product at large— such as Kleenex, Jacuzzi, Jet Ski, ChapStick, Post-Its, Zamboni, Bubble Wrap, Tupperware, etc.

The Band-Aid was invented in 1920 by Johnson & Johnson. Initially, bandages were often homemade, however the Band-Aid was easily manufactured and sterilized. They took on an international market during World World II, as they were shipped around the globe. The first decorated Band-Aids were introduced in 1951 and today, the estimated worldwide sale of Band-Aids is over 100 billion. Hell, they've even made Supreme Band-Aids, believe it or not.

Band-Aids have even made their way into the tattoo world, however these aren't coming off in the shower or with a quick tug. Take a look at 70 incredible Band-Aid tattoos from some of the best tattoo artists in the world, then let us know your favorite tattoo from this list in the comments section on social media.