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In recent years, many formerly popular tattoos have been coming back into style. Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, tramp stamps, tribal and barbed wire were all the rage. In fact, even Pamela Anderson had a barbed wire armband. These tattoos faded out of fashion, however, they're slowly coming back.

Barbed wire tattoos are everywhere these days and they're being crafted by a variety of talented tattooers. One of the most prominent styles we see them tattooed in today is fine-line or single needle black-and-grey. This style compliments barbed wire because it makes it appear more delicate and subtle, plus you can really emphasize all the little details. We also frequently see barbed wire tattoos done in traditional, black work and even realism styles. There are even artists who are inking these pieces in color and who wouldn't want to rock some hardcore pink barbed wire?

In honor of the barbed wire tattoos resurgence, we've collected 50 of our favorite tattoos from talented artists around the world. Take a peek at their badass barbed wire tattoos in the gallery below, then let us know what you think of this tattoos epic comeback in the comments section on social media.