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"Euphoria" is one of the defining programs for Gen-Z. From the fashion to the makeup to the music, this HBO show encapsulates an entire generation. Barbie Ferreira portrays one of the main characters, Kat Hernandez, who goes through a sexual awakening throughout the first and second season. This was Ferreira's breakout role and she'd previously found success modeling for brands like Aerie, H&M and Target. Now she not only appears in "Euphoria," but has stolen scenes in 2020's "Unpregnant" and is set to appear in 2022's "Nope."

"Euphoria" is currently in between seasons, which gave Ferreira the time to add a new tattoo to her collection. Ferreira has a few tattoos here and there—notably a spiral on her butt that was stick-and-poked by her partner, musician Elle Puckett, over quarantine. She also has two pieces on her rib cage, one of which was inked by @tattoos4realz and is a matching piece with Puckett. 

Her newest piece, a Y2K inspired butterfly, was recently inked by David Enth. The piece sits in the middle of her back and features a spiky yet symmetrical design. It's definitely a throwback to tramp stamps of the early 2000s but is reinvented in a very 2022 way.

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 11.17.20 AM

What do you think of Barbie Ferreira's newest tattoo? Would you get a back tattoo? Let us know in the comments section on social media.