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Anybody who has spent time around the tattoo industry knows there is a bit of a stigma behind name tattoos. While many of us respect the romantic gesture, more often than not name tattoos tend to be the kiss of death for a relationship. But, as a wise man once said, that's why the good lord gave us cover-ups. 

Travis Barker, fresh off his engagement to Kourtney Kardashian, decided it was time to cover up the name tattoo of his ex-wife Shanna Moakler over the weekend. The Blink-182 drummer and pop-punk kingpin turned to celebrated artist Scott Campbell for the task, and as expected, Campbell did a phenomenal job with the cover-up/blast over. 

In an Instagram post of his own, Barker touted Scorpio season as the inspiration for the scorpion tattoo. Now, I don't know much about astrology, but I'm pretty sure that scorpion is going to look pretty kickass regardless of where the stars are aligned. 

The second tattoo, a lipstick kiss, wasn't just pulled from one of Campbell's flash sheets. Nope, instead Kardashian got in on the creative process, threw on some black lipstick and made her mark. The mark went to a stencil, the stencil went on to Barker's arm, and VOILA! The tattoo was complete. 

Here at Inked, we're big fans of the blast over method. It saves you from a lot of very uncomfortable laser sessions to lighten the tattoo for a standard cover-up. But mostly we like the way the tattoos underneath continue to peek out a little. There's something about the way the tattoos have been covered, but not completely removed, that adds a sense of intrigue to the piece. When done well, there's really nothing better. 

Campbell did a wonderful job with the two pieces and we guarantee Barker and Kardashian are happy with the new additions.