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Happy Bastille Day! 

For all those non-Francophiles in the house, Bastille Day is essentially the French version of the Fourth of July. It celebrates one of the major turning points in the French Revolution—the storming of the Bastille. Located in the center of Paris, the Bastille was a medieval fortress that was used as a prison, albeit one with only seven inmates at the time of the battle. 

On July 14, 1789, the Bourgeois Militia of Paris attacked the garrison that they saw as a symbol of royal excess in order to free prisoners and get their hands on the 250 pounds of gunpowder that was being stored there. In terms of casualties, the Bourgeois Militia suffered far heavier losses—they were the ones attacking the heavily fortified fortress, after all—but the Bastille fell and the French Revolution was underway. 

Now, we know that you don't come to Inked for diatribes about the failings of the Second Estate within 18th century French society, so we'll spare you that. Instead, for Bastille Day, we decided to share with you some of the finest tattooers currently working there. 

Given their national love of art, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that France has a very vibrant and exciting tattoo scene. One of the most important tattoo conventions in the world—Le Mondial du Tatouage—takes place in Paris every October. 

Below you'll find some very impressive artists who work in a myriad of different styles. 

Bonne Bastille!