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Bats— cute, fuzzy, good for the environment, and also about to be the new tail for the American quarter. Get ready to live your most authentic goth life by paying for tattoos and other grown up life shit with bat money.

fruit bats

Fruit bats will able to be found on the back of some quarters starting February third as part of the "America the Beautiful Quarter Program." The fruit bat is found at the National Park of American Samoa, which is the only place in the United States where these particular fruit bats live. The goal is to raise awareness for the Samoan fruit bat species as they are being wiped out by habitat loss and poaching. According to the article released by the United States Mint, "The image evokes the remarkable care and energy that this species puts into their offspring," which is why  the image of a pup and its mother was picked for the quarter. 

The logical way to celebrate the cutest quarter ever is simple—everyone has to get bat tattoos now. And pay for it at least partially in bat quarters. 

Fruit bats are normally pregnant for about six months, and the young will stay with the mother until they are weened which can take another three months. Not just near her—anytime the mother goes hunting she will carry her pup with her. Which is kind of intense when you think about it. 

Fruit bats will not mate when conditions aren't perfect, so the destruction on their habitat takes a huge toll on the species as a whole. The hope is that the new coins will be able to bring awareness to pressing issues.