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Teddy bears are totally iconic. Now take the teddy bear you know and love and imagine it being decked out in every print or color imaginable. With that in mind you have Bearbricks, the figurines that have swept the collectible market. Bearbricks first made their rounds in 2001 and were designed as well as produced by MediCom Toy Incorporated in Japan. The first Bearbricks were made for the World Character Convention 12 in Tokyo and given away for free to visitors. This is pretty unreal considering the most expensive Bearbrick, the Bearbrick x Readymade x A Bathing Ape 1000%, went for a staggering $19,887.

Bearbricks come in a variety of sizes, with the standard Bearbrick standing at seven centimeters tall and being referred to as 100% Bearbricks. Bearbricks are classified based on their size with the 50% Bearbricks standing at 4 centimeters, the 70% Bearbricks standing at five centimeters, the 400% standing at 28 centimeters and the 1000% standing at 70 centimeters. 

Your standard Bearbrick comes in many different styles and colors, such as basic which is a standard color figure that contains a different color letter in the center of its chest. There's also jelly, pattern, flag, horror, SF (science fiction), cute, animal, artist and hero. Bearbrick has also done a number of collaborations with major brands and artists, notably Casio, Nike, Vivienne Westwood and H.R. Giger.

Take a look at 25 of our favorite tattoos depicting Bearbricks in gallery below. Then let us know your favorite tattoo from this list in the comments section on social media.