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November brings a crisp breeze, crunchy leaves, Thanksgiving- oh, and insane beards. 

#NoShaveNovember started in 2004 with the name Movember (Mustache + November) as a way to raise awareness for men's health issues. According to the website, the purpose is to grow out one's hair to donate money saved by lack of grooming to a men's health charity. Men are three times more likely to avoid going to the doctor for health problems, and thus have a greater risk of dying from treatable illness. 

These accounts keep their beards year-round, but are so fucking sick  that they'll leave almost everyone wondering "Could I wear a beard all year?" 

Tristan Chamberlin is a beard model for Zeus Beard, father, and hiker in Ohio who posts envy-worthy shots of himself, his beard, and his life on his Instagram. 

Lance Wooton is the owner of an insanely long beard, father, and CEO of Pay No Mind Co, a beard care and men's accessory site. He's a huge gun and knife enthusiast who spends as much time as possible outdoors, and his beard holds the record for second longest in America. 

Josh Mario John is another person who has formed his life around modeling his beard- he also has his Master's in Psychology that he uses to help children whenever possible. 

Travis Marshall also goes by @tattooedyeti, a suiting name with his 6'8 frame. Located in Vegas, Marshall's life revolves around motorcycles, travel, and holding puppies

Afonso Bras is a barber located in Florida who's Instagram in the best place to show your barber exactly how you want your beard to look. His work is plush (beard-pun intended) with beards both messy and clean, and his clientele have some of the best beards in the bizz. 

Thomas Kunz is the man you want to be when you grow up- he has a sick beard, a sick body, and lives in Germany. When I retire, let me be this bad-ass.

Lorenzo Haas' beard resides with him in Switzerland, enjoying beer and getting tattoos. But when Haas isn't in Switzerland, he's documenting his adventures with his mane across the globe. 

There isn't much information on Mattias and he keeps his captions short, so if you're just here for the beard he's the man to go to. Quiet and bearded, more people should take a page out of his book.

Madison Rowley is a musician, filmmaker, and beard aficionado located in Portland, OR. He brings an old-timey twist to his award-winning facial hair, and his Instagram is a highlight of his art- both hairy and otherwise.

Kaan Tosun is a German model who focuses heavily on style and clothes. Though he doesn't always keep his beard long, Tosun always keeps his facial hair groomed.

Beard or not, remember to celebrate this #NoShaveNovember by visiting your doctor and getting your prostate checked. Many forms of cancer do have treatment options and the earlier these diseases are detected, the higher chance there is of overcoming.