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While the name Pogona might not ring any bells, we know you've heard of bearded dragons. Pogonas are a genus of reptiles that contain six species generally referred to as bearded dragons. They're called bearded dragons because of the skin on the underside of their throats, a.k.a. their beards. Bearded dragons are native to Australia and semi-arboreal, which means they spend the majority of their time in trees and bushes. However, they also enjoy spending their time sunbathing on rocks or exposed branches. They have a pretty varied diet, consuming everything from vegetation to insects to small rodents. 

The central bearded dragon, also known as the pogona vitticeps or inland bearded dragon, is the most common species in captivity. The other species of bearded dragons include the pogona barbata (Eastern bearded dragon), the pogona henrylawsoni (Rankin's dragon/Lawson's dragon/black-soil bearded dragon/dumpy dragon/dwarf bearded dragon), the pogona microlepidota (Kimberly bearded dragon/Drysdale river bearded dragon), the pogona minor (Western bearded dragon) and the pogona nullarbor (Nullarbor bearded dragon). They were first introduced to the United States in the 1990s as exotic pets and live approximately 10-15 years in captivity.

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