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Benjamin Franklin was an amazing man. Among his many accolades, Franklin published the first political cartoon, he invented bifocals, helped write the Declaration of Independence, served as our first Postmaster General, invented the lightning rod and was essential in getting the French to assist the fledgling United States during the Revolutionary War. Franklin was sort of a big deal. 

Yet the most prescient thing that Franklin ever said, in this humble writer's opinion, came when he was discussing the glorious beverage made from hops and barley. "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." 

It's true! Beer can be such a joyous beverage. Beer brings people together. As we socially distance, many of us are horribly craving a return to a bar stool, where we can sip a hoppy IPA out of a pint glass and shoot the shit with our friends. 

Today is National Beer Day. While you can't go to the bar to meet up with friends, pour a glass at home and get on a Zoom meeting (or FaceTime or whatever) with your besties and have a virtual happy hour. It won't be the same as drinking at the bar—the bathroom should be way cleaner—but it will still bring some joy into your life. 

Here are some true lovers of beer that I can guarantee will be raising a glass tonight.