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Bella Thorne is one of Disney's biggest stars and since leaving her squeaky free life behind, she's embraced the adult world full force. From partying around the world to directing an award-winning porn, Thorne's not a little kid anymore. She's also embraced a tattoo lifestyle, collecting a number of pieces since coming of age.

And while many of Thorne's tattoos have been predictability small and dainty, seeking out artists such as Winterstone, she shocked the world by debuting a large sleeve based on a print by Czech lithograph artist, Alphonse Mucha. Many believed the tattoo to be fake, however, since posting the tattoo over the summer, she's shared a number of photos and videos rocking the large scale ink.

However, as often as Thorne shares a photo with the tattoo, it vanishes just as frequently. We've noticed a strange pattern on Thorne's social media page, where every other photo or so, she's missing the tattoo. This lead us to believe that there are two possible explanations.

One: Thorne is wearing a fake tattoo for a movie role or reapplying the same design to 'trying it out' before committing to the real deal.

Or Two: Thorne is posting old photos of herself before getting the tattoo.

What do you think about these tattoo conspiracies? Do you think that the tattoo is real or fake? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.