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On March 13th of 2019, actor Ben Affleck went on The Ellen Show to promote the release of the Netflix film, Triple Frontier. In the film, Affleck plays an ex-special forces soldier who travels to the Amazon jungle to rob a cocaine cartel boss. In addition to promoting the new film, Affleck discussed his family life and his infamous back tattoo.


A year ago, while on vacation in Hawaii, Affleck was spotted with a large phoenix tattoo covering his entire back. Many on social media speculated that the tattoo was fake, however, in the end, it was confirmed that Affleck's ink was the real deal. Although some fans have shown their support for his bold tattoo, others have criticized the design at length.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 11.01.40 AM

During his interview with Degeneres, Affleck addresses the haters of his tattoo and explained that the design is very meaningful to him. 

We're glad that Affleck is happy with the tattoo, despite the criticism he's received online. However, if you're wondering what 15 tattoo artists think about the design and why it's not the greatest, take a look at our video below!