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On January 20th, Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. However, not all eyes were on the POTUS at the inauguration. Instead, it was senator Bernie Sanders that made the biggest impression. If you're not familiar with Bernie, he's a senator from Vermont (my home state) and ran for President in both 2016 and 2020—gaining a great deal of support across the nation.

On that day, senator Bernie Sanders was captured at the event, sitting in a folding chair and wearing a pair of mittens. That photograph was quickly shared everywhere, with social media users editing the politician into various situations—from movie scenes to Saturday's big MMA fight to Kim Kardashian's booty.

One place that we should have seen coming was tattoo collectors' bodies, as several people have permanently inked the viral meme on their body thus far. That's right, we've seen quite a few tattoos replicating this iconic photo and now, this moment will continue to live on long after most of us have forgotten about it.

We've curated some of our favorite tattoos depicting this trending photograph, as well as other interpretations of Bernie Sanders in the gallery below. Take a peek at these amazing tattoos and let us know your thoughts on this meme in the comments section on social media.