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National Pierogi Day may only be on October 8th to recognize the most amazing potato-pasta dumpling, but these Polish tattoo artists are forever recognized around the world for their incredible artwork. 

1. Dzo Lama

Dzo_lama, tattooer and owner of Nasza Tattoo Shop, creates adorable and whimsical pieces for all your floral and fauna needs.

2. Olie Siiz

O L I E S I I Z is a neotraditional tattoo artist that can execute anything under the sun in the neotrad sphere.

3. Inez Janiak

Owner of Inne Tattoo, Inez Janiak's clients come to her for her gorgeous black-and-grey sketches.

4. Pawel Indulksi

Pawel Indulski for all your black-and-grey realism needs.

5. Dasha Chehomova

Chehomova Dasha perfectly combines a mixed style with color and black-and grey, creating beautiful pieces that will stand the test of time.

6. Rob Zyla

Sculls, flowers and realistic face, oh my! Robert Zyla's work is absolutely stunning.

7. Piotr Dedel

The colors and detail work of Piotr Deadi Dedel's pieces are jaw-dropping. 

8. Joanna Litwin

Clients come to owner and artist at Blackbear Tattoo Studio Joanna Litwin for her incredible, creative abstract black-and-grey work. 

9. Slawek Pawlik

Sławek Pawlik is another neotraditional artist that can execute the color and black-and-grey style perfectly. 

10. Giena Todryk

Owner and artist at Mycelium Temple, Giena Todryk's work is mesmerizingly cool. 

11. Tusz Za Rogiem

Tusz Za Rogiem's tattoos might be small-scale, but doesn't create work that qualifies as the tiny-tattoo trend celebrities are inking. Tusz's pieces are more detailed than they are dainty.

12. Marcin Surowiec

The work of Marcin Aleksander Surowiec embodies "bold and beautiful."

13. Mariusz Trubisz

Artist Mariusz Trubisz mixes color and style to create stunning, creative pieces that beautifully compliments the body as a canvas.

14. Yuliia Lukovnikova

The tattoos of botanical artist Yuliia Lukovnikova is the absolute perfect feminine fit for your flower-art needs.

15. Marek Pawlik

NYC's Inkology artist, Marek Pawlik aka Marzan Tattoo, uses nature's real-life muses, such as animals, statues and people, to creatively morph subjects into incredible pieces.