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What started it all- 36 years ago today Will Byers went missing and we began our adventure into the Upside Down. Episode one season one of Stranger Things opened the entire series with a time card of November 6, 1983. This would be the day one of the main characters, Will Byers, would come missing, and the day our exploration into where he had vanished began. Little did viewers watching this first airing know, we were about to start a long journey full of new characters, deaths of old ones, and a resurgence of love for our favorite 90's babe

Get dressed and get ready, it's time to visit Hawkins, Indiana. 

One of our newer faves introduced in season three, Robin, along with our good old Steve Harrington. A dynamic duo who have the best time scooping ice cream, it's hard to believe these aren't the original characters. 

If El were to go to prom with a demogorgon, this is the photo she would put in her scrap book with "E+D 4ever."

It's hard to believe, but everything Lucia does is painted onto herself. Real enough to feel like you're next on the menu.

Just when you thought El's floating was CGI magic, we might be wondering if Emma (pictured) and Millie Bobby Brown actually can levitate?

BitchinCosplay, or Alicia, managed to highlight the struggles faced by the Hawkins kids- they just want to go to the mall in peace.

One of the characters we got to see more of in season three, brought to 80's mom real life glory. Not only did Hayley manage to get every single detail of Mrs. Karen Wheeler correct, she has an uncanny resemblance to the character's actress Cara Buono

Bloody, creepy, and just fed- Deni looks ready for her next meal in her demogorgon makeup. 

Straight out of season one, Ellie paints detailed art onto herself and her fairy lights are no different. She looks just about ready to glow and talk to us for Will- we're coming, Will!

Lacy and her family went all out with their group costume- how she managed to get those kids to keep on those costumes is more of a mystery than where Will went.

A fun and rare #Jopper cosplay that shows our mom and dad running away from the danger that is Hawkins. It's so good that we kind of want Paul (Hopper) and Gem (Joyce) to kiss and rewrite the ending of season 3- is that weird? 

Lauren gave her coolest and cutest genderbent character- Dustin! Even as a girl, it's pretty easy to see who she's trying to be. 

Mary is serving one of the most insanely detailed demogorgon looks out there, and her tiny "friends don't lie" highlight is a subtle but cute nod to the show. 

And last but not least, the best cosplay of all. This cat. 

So cheers to the next season, and hopefully the demogorgons are as cute as the ones here.