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It's that time of year again. That's right, we're showcasing the best of the best from 2021. This year, there were some seriously stellar tattoos created by talented tattoo artists from around the world. And this year, the ladies came through with stunning tattoo designs.

Artists have been inspired by the female form, with it's curves, soft skin and delicate features, since the dawn of time. And while artistic trends have come and gone, this appreciation has largely stayed the same. In fact, it's even come over into the tattoo world. It's no secret that our audience loves tattoos on women and in 2021, the level of artwork was truly next level.

There were plenty of motifs that emerged for tattoos on women this year, notably florals, bold blackwork, dynamic neotraditional and amazing minimalism. Some of the most popular spots to be tattooed (at least, according to our Instagram) included the legs, back, sternum, chest and lower stomach. Ladies, you really killed it this year!

Take a look at 80 of the very best tattoos on women according to our Instagram page this year. Now keep in mind, we post dozens of amazing tattoos every single day, these tattoos just got the most love from our followers this year. Happy New Year!