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It's that time of year again. That's right, we're showcasing the best of the best from 2021. This year, there were some seriously stellar tattoos created by talented tattoo artists from around the world. And finally, we're here to present your top 150 favorite tattoos of the entire year.

There were thousands of contenders this year and artists around the world have really raised the bar. But, these tattoos stood above the rest. These tattoos rocked our audience's world and we can totally see why. There were tons of tattoos that performed well in 2021—from micro pieces to back pieces, portraits to minimalism, black-and-grey to vibrant color.

We also saw a variety of trends shine in 2021. Some of our favorite new trends of the past year included lightning bolt tattoos, pop culture crossover tattoos, patchwork tattoos and holographic sticker tattoos. Looking back at these tattoos truly made us excited to see what's going to come in 2022.

Take a look at 150 of the very tattoos according to our Instagram page this year. Now keep in mind, we post dozens of amazing tattoos every single day, these tattoos just got the most love from our followers this year. Happy New Year!