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"Rules were made to be broken" is an ethos that we can get behind whole-heartedly. Hell, what are tattoos if not an expression of rebellion against norms and rules? So when we heard about a Big Sean fan breaking the rules in order to get a sweet new tattoo we applauded loudly. 

To say that Miguel is a fan would be a bit of an understatement. Big Sean was his very first concert, and very first video posted to Instagram as well. And while this isn't his first tattoo, it will likely be the best story he has behind a tattoo. 

Big Sean was doing a standard meet & greet when he came across a fan with a plan. 

"Finally met @bigsean bro crazy cause he was the first concert I ever went to and got me in love with the experience of em," Miguel explained in an Instagram post. "They said no autographs but I asked anyways and asked him to sign my arm so I could get it tatted and he actually did it 😂💪🏼 Rest is history haha. thanks @bape_us for making it all happen.

We love that Miguel is such a big fan that he went and got Big Sean's signature tattooed on him... if he actually did it. Look, we're not calling the dude a liar, but the pictures are all of the signature, not it getting tattooed. Given that the signature actually looks like it would integrate into the design he already has, he probably went through with it. But we still haven't seen any proof! Post the photos, Miguel!!! 

Would you ever get a tattoo from your favorite celeb?