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As of today, there are more than one billion bicycles in existence. However, for something this influential on our world, they've been around for a relatively short period of time. The first two wheeled vehicle was created in 1817 by German Baron Karl von Drais. It was referred to as a dandy horse or Draisienne. They began to advance during the next several decades and were classified as velocipedes. This led to many different types of one or multi-wheeled vehicles including the monowheel, the unicycle, tricycle, quadracycle and of course, the bicycle. Now, there are countless types of bicycles used around the world, such as racing bicycles, city bicycles, mountain bicycles and BMX bicycles.

Many cities around the world are exceptionally bike-friendly, with a majority of their commuters using bicycles as their primary source of transportation. One of the most prominent cities to do so is Copenhagen. Approximately 62 percent of commutes in this city, whether to school or work, are made by bike. As a city, the people of Copenhagen bike approximately 894,000 every single day. Other bike-friendly cities include Amsterdam, Utrecht, Antwerp, Strasbourg, Bordeaux and Oslo. And the most bike-friendly city in the United States is Portland, Oregon.

In honor of all the bike enthusiasts out there, take a peek at some of our favorite bicycle tattoos from talented artists around the globe in the gallery below. Then let us know if you're an avid bike rider in the comments section on social media.