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I've been waiting for this moment for almost 30 years, but the news from today was most not not not bogus—we have a trailer for "Bill & Ted Face the Music." To celebrate this most excellent day, we've collected some tattoos that the favorite sons of San Dimas are sure to love. But first, the trailer! 

An entire generation of kids were completely enthralled by the Bill & Ted movies, there was a little something in them that just clicked. Sure, it was fun to yell excellent and play air guitar, but it was more than that. Despite the heroes being, how should we say this, not A students, the movies are actually quite intelligent. Most of the film's jokes hit on multiple levels. There's the surface level (of course Bill and Ted are psyched to hear about Iron Maiden), then the secondary level (I learned what an Iron Maiden actually was from this movie, as did thousands of other kids.) If the Bill & Ted movies came out during the internet age they would have launched 10,000 different Wikipedia rabbit holes. 

We're hoping that "Bill & Ted Face the Music" lives up to the precedent set by the earlier films, and yes, I'm calling them films. There's so much to like about these films, from Napoleon Bonaparte losing his merde while bowling to Station building some truly awesome robotic "uses." Let's check out some excellent Bill & Ted tattoos! 


And now, to meet some more of their friends.....

Dave Beeth Oven.

Bob Genghis Khan

Herman The Kid 

Maxine of Arc

So Cratez Johnson

Dennis Frood

And.... uh.... Abraham Lincoln.

And even though he's a jerk, we gotta throw Napoleon in here as well.