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While Patriots fans are torn between amounting the Pats’ success to quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick, Boston resident Nicole Gavin says in a Boston Sports article, “I think you can’t have one without the other. Like peanut butter and jelly.”

Bridgewater’s Nicole Gavin might respect both Pats icons, but she dedicated her leg to Belichick. Her leg will become a sleeve series of geniuses, where she already has Albert Einstein inked.

When the Patriots unveiled their sixth Super Bowl banner this season, the 32-year-old fan went to Ryan Jones of Real Art Studios in Taunton to ink Belichick’s portrait. In the piece, Belichick is sporting a Bose headset, a pencil in his right ear and his signature stern-face in his hoodie.

Gavin enjoys tattoos that she connects with, that look good, and that start a conversation.

For the Belichick piece, Gavin spent over six and a half hours under the needle. While she and Jones could have finished in two sessions, the dedicated Pats fan wanted to complete the piece in one day.

While she doesn’t plan on sitting for that many grueling hours again, she is extremely proud of her decision, as well as the final product.

“Whenever I have an idea, [Ryan Jones] is willing to get me in there. I just tell him what I want, and he does the rest. I don’t need to look at 1,000 pictures. I trust him to do size, I trust him for colors. I don’t even look at it until he’s done,” the Jones collector said.

“I have a ton of tattoos,” Gavin continued. “I still haven’t had time to count. I’m on my way to being covered.”