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HOLD THE PHONE? Billie did what?! I'm still not over the Grammy winner's dragon hip tattoo and now, she's got a brand new tattoo for us to gush over.

Billie Eilish swore that we'd never see her first tattoo during her yearly interview with "Vanity Fair," but low and behold, she gave us a peek of a tattoo during her cover shoot with "British Vogue."

While walking the red carpet for the premiere of "No Time to Die," the latest film in the James Bond franchise, Eilish showed off a new tattoo on her left hand.

The tattoo poked out of Eilish's glittering black suit sleeve and based on the photo she posted to social media, it's of a fairy. The tattoo is done in a black-and-grey illustrative style. We don't know the meaning behind the piece and based on her other tattoos, we're sure the singer will keep things to herself.

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