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Back in December, Billie Eilish revealed to the world that she'd gotten her first tattoo in 2020. This omission came during his fourth annual video for Vanity Fair, where she shared "I did get a tattoo, but you won't ever see it" to the camera. When we saw this video, we were filled with glee to hear that the singer had embraced the tattoo life. At the same time, we assumed that she's gotten something small and discreet that we'd likely never see (but always know was there). Boy, were we wrong.

In Billie Eilish's newest magazine feature for British Vogue, she turned the world upside down when she showcased her "new look." In the cover feature, Eilish has put aside her signature style, which often includes oversized streetwear, in favor of a pin-up inspired look featuring lingerie, latex and plenty of skin on display.

Amidst the pandemonium that ensued, many fans noticed Eilish's tattoo—which extends from her right hip onto her thigh. And by no means, would we say this tattoo is tiny and subtle. Instead, the piece appears to be a dragon (from what we can tell) and is done in an illustrative blackwork style. Many of Eilish's fans reacted positively to the tease of the tattoo, sharing their excitement for the glimmer of the piece on social media.

It's unclear whether this feminine pin-up style will carry over into Eilish's upcoming promotion for her next album, "Happier Than Ever," but either way, we're excited to see her come out of her shell and show the world a different side to her. As for the tattoo, we're not sure if Eilish will decide to one day show off the piece in it's entirety, but never say never! We never thought we'd see the piece at all and here we are today, knowing that Billie Eilish is a tatted up lady.

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