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Have you ever worn a dress that would look really great with just a ton of butterfly tattoos but didn't want to commit to getting the ink because fashion? Well, Billy Porter is giving you options this 2020—by wearing temporary butterfly tattoos to the Critic's Choice Awards.

Sporting a teal and emerald green jumpsuit designed by Hogan McLaughlin, Porter had the help of celebrity hair stylist Anna Bernabe when it came to painting on his faux butterflies. You know Mr. Porter couldn't show up with just regular old temporary tattoos either, each butterfly was hand painted to compliment the gown just right. 

billy porter

According to Porter, these butterflies are representing his break away from toxic masculinity—something the world first noticed Porter doing from that iconic Oscar's dress in 2019. Silver cuff rings and bracelets donned Porter's arms along with the faux ink, along with a classic white 70's pump boot and neon yellow nails. 

The details in every Billy Porter lewk are always on point, but tiny, hand-painted butterflies? That's the type of extra we should all try to be this 2020.