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The second trailer for the highly anticipated film "Birds of Prey," was released. This is a continuation of the most recent "Suicide Squad" universe, but this time Harley Quinn is free from Joker and living on her own. Though based on reviews of the most recent Joker film and obviously the massive hate for Suicide Squad, fans are hoping that the first Harley Quinn movie will be worth the wait and not a total flop.

Since these movies have a tendency of overhyping themselves, and since the world is filled with Harley Quinn tattoos, the best way to celebrate "Birds of Prey" seems to be to pay tribute to the original birds of prey. Why bother getting a Harley Quinn tattoo when you can get a tattoo of a literal bird of prey? Like an owl or condor. Because no one is a badder bitch than a lady owl.

Fun fact: according to Britannica is any bird that eats other animals.

In the film "Birds of Prey", everyone's favorite anti-hero is finally out of the toxic grasp of the Joker. And Harley Quinn has a group of gals by her side that are ready to kick ass and rescue little girls—literally. The team is made up of Quinn along with Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya, and the group has the duty of rescuing a young girl from a horrible Gotham villain.

Would you rather bird watch or watch the new film?