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Black Friday is quite an anomaly on the calendar. In one way it is one of our favorite days of the year, after all, who doesn't love getting sick deals on cool stuff? Sounds delightful. Unfortunately, the reality is that Black Friday ends up being a nightmare as crowds descend upon shopping malls, so enraptured by the idea of saving a couple of bucks that they have cast aside all decorum in order to pillage like a Viking horde of old. We're not using hyperbole here, you've seen the videos.

If you're reading this article you probably have a phone, computer or some other type of mobile device. Which means, economically you're doing OK. You can afford to pay $30 more for a television. Resist the mob. 

Now that we've talked you down from participating in the madness, what are you going to do? How about you thoroughly enjoy this gallery of some of the finest black and grey tattoos we've ever seen. These tattoos were done by the tippy top of the heap when it comes to black and grey tattooers. Getting work from some of these artists is definitely an aspirational endeavor. If only you were in the process of saving some money... BINGO!

It all comes together just like that—forgo the craziness of Black Friday, save some cash, get a rad black and grey tattoo. Thus, creating a brand new holiday for the tattoo-loving masses. All hail Black and Grey Friday! Huzzah!