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According to new legal documents obtained by TMZ "Black Ink Crew" star Alex Robinson is suing "Black Ink Crew: New York" star Ceasar Emanuel and Emanuel's costar and cousin, Teddy Ruks, for battery, with the claim of a physical attack back in October 2018, caught by VH1 cameras.

Robinson says Emanuel and Ruks jumped him, continuously hitting him with a closed fist over. He wants over $1 million, as the attack left him with permanent pain and disability.

The fight:

Robinson and Ceasar Emanuel had “reached a boiling point” last season during a pre-wedding party for a coworker. In the video, you can see Emanuel attack Robinson, with Ruks joining in from behind.

Days later, the cameras followed Robinson being rushed to the hospital where doctors told him he suffered significant tendon and ligament damage to his back.

In following episodes, Emanuel admits hiring a private investigator to follow Robinson to determine if he was faking the injury. On camera, Emanuel relayed that the P.I. confirmed the injuries were real, and he felt remorse for risking Robinson’s business, as he can no longer sit and tattoo. Ceasar Emanuel added that he was told Alex Robinson can't even pick up his son anymore.