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Getting a blackout tattoo is not for the faint of heart. Once you've blacked out an entire limb, there's no going back. It takes true commitment. Quite simply, a blackout tattoo will completely change your life. 

Society may be more inclusive of heavily tattooed people than it's ever been before, but that doesn't mean that certain things aren't still taboo to the mainstream. Those who are covered in tattoos know the stares they're going to be getting on the bus or in line at Starbucks, but those tend to increase when you have a blackout tattoo. 

Beyond that, the act of receiving a blackout tattoo is unlike any other tattoo experience. To the uninitiated, a blackout may appear to be incredibly simple. It's the kind of thing people will say, "anybody can do that." The fact of the matter is that it's very difficult to fully saturate a blackout tattoo and make it look good

We spoke with Michela Bottin and Jason Ackerman about what to expect while getting a blackout tattoo, the way a blackout tattoo can change your day-to-day life and much more. This is the Dos & Don'ts for blackout tattoos. 

Let us know your experiences with blackout tattoos in the YouTube comment section. And if you want to learn more about blackout tattoos check out this video we made a while back with Hoode.