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As tattoo culture has become more and more mainstream, our society has become more accustomed to seeing increasingly extreme interpretations of collecting ink. For example, we've seen a dramatic rise in the amount of people opting for face tattoos, from eyelids to eyeballs, in recent years. Another intense trend that has exploded in a short period of time is blackout tattooing. Blackout tattooing grew in popularity in Europe, specifically in England, Italy and Germany, but has since spread throughout the world. Now, it's become downright common to see someone with a blackout bodysuit in the tattoo world and many of these collectors are growing followings for their avant-garde appearances.

Meet Nadine Anderson, a Scottish tattoo model who's slowly but surely blacking out her entire body. She's spent many years working on her body suit, which includes a fully saturated front panel, two in progress leg sleeves and large design on her face. It's unknown whether Anderson will continue adding to her collection, however, we'd say she's yet to retire from going under the needle.

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