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Innovation is integral to the growth of the tattoo industry and over the past decade, we've seen incredible progress be made both technically and artistically. One of the biggest classes of advancement impacts a tattooer's tools, with new machines, cartridges and power supplies releasing every month to improve the craft. However, not every product has come from a professional manufacturer. Sometimes, artists take this work into their own hands.

Take Ruslan and Tonya Abusev for example, two talented blackwork artists based in Berlin who've created perhaps the largest tattoo needle the industry has ever seen. Meet the 112mag, a beast of a needle that was handcrafted by these artists and tested over many months. Over the last six months, the Abusev tattooers have perfected this needle to successfully pack black into their tattoos, which allows them to work extremely quickly in their style of blackwork.

Blackwork tattooing is just one style which can benefit from the use of such a large mag, however, we imagine this needle might come in handy for largescale intepretations of other styles, such as Japanese or traditional. What do you think of this creative invention? Can you imagine what it feels like to be tattooed with a 112mag? Let us know your thoughts on this story on social media.