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Nick Lestina was simply looking for his power drill when he walked down to his basement and saw blood spewing up from his floor drain.

Like a sick scene out of any Stephen King movie, Lestina walked into his basement to see (and smell) blood coming up through the pipes in his basement. A father with five children to worry about, Lestina immediately contacted the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to find out exactly what was flooding his basement. It was confirmed that the five inches of goop was a mixture of animal blood, fat, and bones from the next door meat processing plant.

Iowa fam basement

The family has been living next door to the facility for the past 10 years, and claim that this is the first issue to arise from living nearby the facility. According to Lestina though, Dahl’s Meat Locker has been far from helpful at cleaning up the mess. Due to the hazardous materials, the family has had to leave the premises until the mess is cleaned up. Lestina says that when it has come to cleaning up the guts, Dahl’s owners have come up silent. KTIV says Dahl’s has reached out to the Lestina family to help assist in reimbursing them for their damages.

The Lestinas are staying with extended family until the home is once again safe for inhabitants.