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Rapper Blueface is one lucky man. Not only does he have a Billboard Top 10 hit, but the man has two girlfriends. That's right, Blueface is in a polyamorous throuple with women named Jaidyn and Jiggy.

And not only do these women love Blueface, they care for him so much that they were willing to get matching tattoos with him. But, not just any matching tattoos, matching tattoos on their hands!

Last night, World Star Hip Hop posted a video that showed the matching hand tattoos of Blueface and his two ladies. The tattoos are of Benjamin Franklin, which match the large tattoo on the side of the "Thotiana" rapper's face.

Speaking of his face tattoo, it should also be noted that Blueface added on to his signature piece. The tattoo now contains multiple blue bars on the side of Blueface's face, as well as a large number 100 on his jaw. We hope the Benjamins keep coming in for these three, as these tattoos are what we call job stoppers.

What do you think of the Blueface trio's new tattoos? Would you consider being in a polyamorous relationship? Would you get a matching tattoo with your significant other? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.