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After nearly six years, the Netflix original tragi-comedy "Bojack Horseman" is coming to an end. 

"Bojack Horseman" takes place in Hollywood and focuses on ex-television star Bojack Horseman, and his struggles. The series has been lauded as genius for its use of realistic humor when dealing with depression and addiction, as well as the fearless sense of confidence the writers possess when tackling sadness. 

It's safe to say that the series means a lot to a lot of people—so much that lots of people have pretty sick Bojack ink.

There are plenty of characters other than Bojack, and all of them are crucial in the comedic depression of the series. Even Amy Sedaris is part of the series, which is basically a promise that it'll make you laugh at least a little. 

How do you feel about the show ending, is it on time or too early?