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No matter where you come from or what you bring to the table, one thing unifies us and it's our bones. With little exception, every human being on the planet has 270 bones at birth. As we grow, some of these bones fuse together, leaving us with 206 individual bones. The largest bone in the human body is the femur (thigh bone) and the smallest is the staples, which is located in the middle of the ear.

There are five distinctive types of bones, each serving a unique purpose. Long bones comprise most of the bones in our limbs, fingers and toes. Short bones are roughly cube shaped and include the bones in our wrists and ankles. Flat bones are thin and curved, which includes most of the bones in our skull and sternum. Sesamoid bones are embedded in tendons, such as the patella and pisiform. Last, there are irregular bones that consist of thin layers of compact bones surrounded by a spongy interior and include the bones of the spine.

Our bones protect the valuable organs in our body, as well as producing both red and white blood cells. Plus, without our bones, it would be pretty difficult to stand up.

Another great thing about bones is that they make amazing tattoo subjects. We've curated 50 of our favorite bone tattoos from talented artists around the world in the gallery below, check them out and let us know your thoughts on these tattoos in the comments section on social media.