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The tattoo world lost one of its most respected artists this week when Boog Deniro—known to the world as Boog Star—passed away after a lengthy fight against cancer. 

Since being diagnosed with cancer last year, Boog used his Instagram to share his fight with the world. On January 20, Boog underwent a laryngectomy, a surgery that removed his larynx and his ability to speak. Prior to his surgery, he released a video where he expressed his thoughts on the enormity of what he was about to face. 

"I'm about to have the surgery, thank you for all the prayers and well wishes," he says. "I won't be able to talk after this, in the traditional sense. But I'll still be able to draw and express myself in my art."

 After a couple weeks of recuperation Boog was released from the hospital last week, with his last post being a video taken from the car on his way home.   

As news of his passing spread throughout the tattoo community, the outpouring of grief was astounding. The number of lives he touched during his time was enormous, as seen through the many posts celebrating not just what a tremendous artist Boog Star was, but the generous human being he was to those who knew him. 

In a comment on Boog's final post, Franco Vescovi found the perfect words to memorialize his friend. "You were one of a kind," Vescovi said. "I will never forget our conversations over the past few months. You were one of the first globe trotting tattooers to ever do it before all of us. You did so many things first. A true pioneer and You hustled harder than anyone I know. I’m happy that I always got to tell you how inspired I am by you and the tattoo world will never forget about you and your legend. Norm is probably happy to see you on the other side and we will all see you again one day. Sending massive love and support to your beautiful children and family. This ones gonna be hard to take brother Boog, always here for you in this life and the next. I love you Brother. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏"

In the gallery below you'll find more tributes to Boog Star.