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In 2018, 310,000 patients underwent surgery to obtain breast implants—a number that has tripled since 1997. Breast implants were first introduced to American markets in the 1960s, however, they didn't reach mainstream appeal until the 1980s. During the 1990s, thanks to pornography stars like Jenna Jameson, implants hit their stride and throughout the 2000s, more women than ever were going under the knife for a larger chest size.

However, in recent years, many women come forward about breast implant illness—with symptoms ranging from chronic pain to hair loss to rashes to depression. Although doctors don't yet recognize BII as a medical illness, celebrities like Michelle Visage and Tiffany Pollard have come forward with symptoms and have undergone surgery to remove their implants.

Women from around the world have begun sharing their BII stories to social media and while their symptoms may vary, almost all would agree that their quality of life improved after removing their implants. Many have taken to Instagram to share their stories, first as a cautionary tale to those considering getting implants and second to offer a solution to those grappling with unexplainable health issues.

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