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THIS IS NOT A DRILL: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" will soon be back on our televisions. If you haven't already fallen in love with this sitcom, let me explain why it's one of the best shows ever made. First and foremost, the characters are brilliantly written and executed by the actors.

Former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Andy Samburg leads the charge as Detective Jake Peralta, the class clown of the 99 who frequently emphasizes his love for diehard. His sidekick is the Detective Charles Boyle (played by Joe Lo Truglio), an awkward and eccentric individual who idolizes Peralta and adopted a child from Latvia named Nikolaj. There's also Sergeant Amy Santiago (played by Melissa Fumero), a type A, teacher's pet who becomes Peralta's wife during the finale of season 5. The precinct is led by Captain Raymond Holt (played by Andre Braugher), whose robotic behaviors and attitudes frequently parallel the chaos of the surrounding characters. Holt's number two is Sergeant Terry Jeffords (played by Terry Crews), the muscle of the group who's extremely parental and has a passion for Greek yogurt. Despite not being a detective but instead the assistant to Captain Holt, Gina Linetti (played by Chelsea Peretti) lets her presence be known in the 99, often indulging in social media trends and later becoming a popular YouTube star. And let's not forget Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz), a tough and badass detective who foils Amy's goody toe shoes approach. Even the characters who once appeared as secondary have become favorites to the series, such as "dynamic" duo Hitchcock and Scully (played by Dirk Blocker and  Joel Mckinnon Miller) who despite their tenure, often exhibit incompetence and laziness.

Fans have showed great support for the show since it first aired in 2013, praising its diverse casting and progressive approach to LGBTQ+ characters. However, On May 10th, 2018 it was canceled by Fox after its fifth season and after a massive campaign on social media, it was brought back to life the next day after being picked up by NBC. The seventh season will premiere on February 6th and an eighth season was already renewed in November of 2019.

In honor of the upcoming season premiere, we've gathered up a small handful of our favorite "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" tattoos, which feature taglines by some of the show's best characters. Take a peek at the impressive ink in the gallery below and let us know your favorite character from the show on social media.