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A successful football coach has to be a master manipulator. Managing the personalities and egos of 48 men throughout the course of a football team is a damn hard job. Yelling can only do so much to motivate a group, if a coach wants to end the season raising the Lombardi Trophy he's going to have to get creative.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians isn't afraid to think outside the box and offer up an incentive to his team to win it all, beyond the glory that comes with being champions. In August, Arians made a bet with Tampa's strength and conditioning coach, Rick Christophel, that if his team won it all he'd get a tattoo. We all saw what happened in Super Bowl LV—sorry, Chiefs fans—and now Arians has made good on his word. 

The tattoo is pretty basic, it was his first tattoo we believe, but we love it. It would have been rad if he let the artist get a little creative with it, maybe throw in that signature flatcap he loves so much

He is not the Buccaneer to celebrate the title with a tattoo, both Mike Evans and Antoine Winfield Jr. have gotten inked since their 31-9 victory over the Chiefs. And that's just who we know of, I'm sure there are other members of the team doing the same thing. 

That Tom Brady deal certainly worked out for Tampa, don't you think? They won the Super Bowl, Bruce Arians got a tattoo and your humble writer ended up making a couple hundred dollars thanks to the magic of online gambling. Hooray!