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Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial beginning of summer. While things are going to be muted this year for many of us, busting out the grill is something you can still easily do in small groups while maintaining social distancing. So let's grill up some of the finest burger tattoos. 

When you're really hungry, there are few things that hit the spot like a juicy hamburger. It's one of those rare foods, like pizza, that is always good. I've had one of the fanciest burgers ever created and I've had countless McDonald's cheeseburgers, and honestly, they were both infinitely satisfying. 

Part of what makes burgers so damn great is the versatility. You can customize a burger with virtually any condiment. Cheese? Of course! Bacon? Certainly! Peanut butter? You better believe it! How about goat meat, ghost pepper aioli, white cheddar, a red wine reduction and a communion wafer? That's a sacrelicious burger!

We can think of two ways to show the world just how much you like burgers. One sort of extreme way to do this is by becoming a real-life hamburglar. While it may seem like fun, in the long run, this is not an ideal career choice. 

Thus, your only other option if you're looking to broadcast your love of burgers is by getting a burger tattoo. Down below you'll find a collection of mouthwatering burgers that will leave you famished. Enjoy!