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Is there any greater gift from the gods than the burrito? That was a rhetorical question, the answer is a quite obvious, "Yes."

The burrito is one of those foods that is perfect for every type of hunger. It can be served at every daily meal with only minor modifications. The variations of what you put into said burrito are limitless, thus making it a food that is palatable to even the pickiest of eaters. Burritos can be enjoyed slowly with a knife and fork, or they can be eaten on the go. I haven't even mentioned that burritos are the absolute perfect dish to cap a night of overindulgence, and if you didn't finish it in that state, they still taste perfectly good reheated in the morning. 

National Burrito Day is celebrated on April 2, and we are here for it. Honestly, most of these "National _____ Day" holidays are pretty silly. Yet, when I learned about National Burrito Day, I felt that we needed to kick out one of those lamer top tier holidays, like Arbor Day, so that burritos could finally get their due. 

Nobody is really sure of the exact origin of the delicious burrito. It likely came for Ciudad Juarez, the Mexican city just across the border from El Paso, Texas. Folk lore attributes a man by the name of Juan Mendez with the possible creation of the burrito. Mendez sold tortillas wrapped around meat and beans. He walked around with a small donkey holding all of the food, thus, when he sold the food people attributed them to the method from which they were carried. Burrito translates to small donkey. 

This is the kind of story that can't be easily verified, but it gives a nice spin on what was likely a dish created by thousands of different cooks working independently. 

Regardless of the origin, we love burritos. Chorizo burritos are this writer's personal favorite, but I've also never actually turned down a burrito of any type, regardless of what lay inside. So if you have the passion for burritos that I do, you are going to love this gallery of burrito tattoos. Enjoy. 

Tattoo by Chae Dinsmore.

Tattoo by Chae Dinsmore.