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Happy Canada Day to our dear neighbors to the north! Way back in 1867 the three British colonies that made up Canada—United Canadas, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick—were united into one single entity, and thus Canada was born. 

We also thought it was about time that someone in the United States gave a little praise to Canada on their special day. While it's not an Independence Day exactly—did you know that Canada is still not 100% independent from the United Kingdom? And that all of their laws have to be approved by a governor general appointed by the queen? Wild stuff—it's still a glorious day to celebrate all things Canadian. God knows we've forced our own patriotism upon them for years. Like when MLB released this commemorative hat for the Toronto Blue Jays earlier this year.

Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 11.51.09 AM

We think Canada deserves some real love. We could just throw together a gallery of tattoos celebrating all of our favorite Canadian things like hockey, maple syrup and extreme politeness, but we've already done that. And besides, wouldn't it be more fitting to showcase some of the amazing tattoo work being done throughout the country? There's a little something for everybody in the gallery below. So crank up Rush, drink a couple Molsons and celebrate the wealth of tattoo talent found in Canada. Happy Canada Day! 

Saga Anderson

Steve Wiebe

Steve Moore 

David Cote


Seunghyun Jo

Arielle Gagnon

Jessica Wright

Devin Boutcher

Luka Lajoie

Michael Cloutier

Jannik Perreault

Autumn Dancer

Antony Flemming

Hans Deslauriers 

Ed Perdomo

Franz Stefanik