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Once the leaves start to turn colors as summer fades to fall, there are a few cultural experiences that you can count on. People will get overly excited about pumpkin spice, Halloween will dominate all conversations and movie selections and morons will talk shit about candy corn. 


For reasons I fail to grasp, people seem to despise these delicious little nuggets of joy. In and of itself, there's nothing special about candy corn. Originally marketed as Chicken Feed in the 1880s, candy corn has been around for as long as we've had a sweet tooth. Made with sugar, corn syrup and wax, the confection has delightful notes of vanilla and honey. These are things people adore and eat every day, but if they're concentrated into a ready-to-eat triangle we're going to bitch about it? C'mon. 

We have a notorious affinity for seasonal treats. Peppermint stick ice cream is the best ice cream of all-time, everybody knows this. Cadbury Eggs are the only type of egg worth eating. Summer isn't worth a damn thing without Rocket Pops. Every season has its special little treat and in the blizzard of candy choices that is Halloween, candy corn stands out. It's not a small version of the regular-ass candy that you can eat any time you want, as is your God-given right as an adult. Candy corn only exists for one month all year. And by the end of the business day on November 1—a day we often refer to as fat guy's Christmas because of the candy sales—candy corn will be gone from the shelves for another 11 months. 

In our eyes, it deserves better than that. Candy corn should be revered all year long, and thanks to the tattoos in the gallery below, it is!