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It was only about two decades ago that marijuana was seen as a gateway drug to certain addiction, psychosis and personal ruin by much of the country. Nowadays, people seem to be a lot more chill in their regards to cannabis. People understand that it isn't the devil weed that it was once stigmatized as. Cannabis has a myriad of medical benefits, which led to the legalization of medical cannabis in more than half the states in the U.S. Recreational usage has also been legalized in many states, with many more to follow. The nation has completely changed its views on the drug, and, in our opinion, this is a wonderful turn of events. 

This is a long preamble to say, while our thoughts on cannabis have evolved, so have tattoos dedicated to the revered plant. Back in the day, the only time you would ever see a marijuana tattoo it was likely pretty shitty, often done by a kitchen magician, and of the simple stereotypical leaf. That's just not the case any more, things are a lot more nuanced and artistic. 

Check out the gallery below with some of our favorite cannabis tattoos. Happy 4/20!